What’s in it for the horse to be discussed at Saddle Research Trust Conference

Saddle Research Trust Conference

World renowned researchers will discuss the important issue of The Horse as a Stakeholder at the Saddle Research Trust’s 4th International Conference, to be held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021. For those who can’t make it to the livestream on Saturday the event will be available via playback from 14th December.

In this third session of the day leading UK vet Dr Rachel Murray along with Dr Sue Dyson will look at how tack fit and behavioural signs relate to welfare and performance in the ridden horse.

Dr Sue Dyson will present the keynote on the Application of the Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram to improve equine welfare and performance. An ethogram is a catalogue of behaviours, each with strict definitions. The Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram (RHpE) comprises 24 behaviours, the majority of which are at least 10 times more likely to be seen in a lame horse compared with a non-lame horse.

Dr Rachel Murray will go on discuss the importance of bridle fit for optimal equine welfare and performance. Horses wear bridles in many situations but, unlike saddles they are rarely routinely fitted. With many important structures in the horse’s head, the fit of a bridle can have significant impact on the comfort and performance of the horse.

Dr Sue Dyson will then close the session by highlighting what we can learn from the observation of horses’ behaviours during tacking up and mounting; observational studies have shown that there are common abnormal behaviours, which are either interpreted as normal or not recognised by owners. Recognition of such behaviours is important, because abnormal behaviour during tacking-up and mounting may reflect anticipation of pain during ridden exercise.

“Social licence has become an imperative in all horse sports in order to preserve and promote public support,” said Jan Birch, CEO of the Saddle Research Trust. “And our conference would not be complete without exploring what’s in it for the horse to ensure we always maintain optimal welfare and performance.”

The Horse as a Stakeholder is one of a full day of high-quality interactive presentations from world-renowned researchers and vets at the Conference, which is exploring the ‘Welfare and Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future’.

The Conference will be split into four sessions, each closing with an interactive Q&A. The event is also eligible for CPD points for delegates whose professional bodies are registered with the SRT.
Session 1: Applying the science
Session 2: Through the lens
Session 3: The horse as a stakeholder
Session 4: Hot topics

Playback of the conference will be available from 14th December until 31st December, and further access to the review (individual sessions) will be available from mid-January onwards. Tickets to the full playback are priced at the cost of the livestream; £80 plus booking fee, while the individual sessions from January 2022 will be £15 per session.

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Image attached: Please credit Dr Sue Dyson.

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