The Rider Weight Study Part 3: The influence of rider size on changes in equine back dimensions, muscle tension and pain.

The Rider Weight Study Part 3

Following on from the summaries for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Rider Weight Study, Part 3 focuses on the changes seen in back dimensions, muscle tension and muscle pain after being ridden by riders of different sizes during the study.

Potential factors for the changes were determined to include: the rider to horse bodyweight ratio; alteration of back posture or movement as a result of overall increased force; sub-optimal weight distribution for riders H and VH in saddles that were too small for them; rider position, alignment and variation in techniques; sub-optimal saddle fit to the horse

The results from this element of the study further support the key take home message; when larger riders ride, they should select a horse of appropriate size with a saddle that is optimally fitted to both horse and rider.

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