The latest video available now from the 2018 International Conference

Professor Lars Roepstorff graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1985, is the Swedish national team vet and heads the Department of Equine Studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His scientific work focuses on the study of equine locomotion with the aim of improving equine health and soundness.

At the 3rd International Saddle Research Trust Conference 2018, entitled “Horse, Rider, Saddlery: Welfare and Performance”, Lars presented new and fascinating work that demonstrated how the development of rider skills can lead to better health and performance of both horses and riders.

We also are delighted to feature a bonus interview with Sherry Belton, Managing Director of Albion England who are long-standing supporters and sponsors of the SRT Research Workshops. Sherry discusses the need to encourage young riders and why the industry must encourage accessibility of equine sport for everyone. Sherry herself has an impeccable equestrian history, having trained with the world-renowned Franz Rochowansky of the Spanish Riding School and successfully competed in both dressage and eventing.

These are engaging, informative and unique presentations – we hope you enjoy them.

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