SRT 4th International Conference call for scientific poster abstracts

The Organising Committee of the SRT 4th International Conference “Welfare & Performance of the Ridden Horse”, invites authors to submit scientific abstracts for posters to be displayed at the conference. Poster abstracts relating to recent research into any aspect of horse and rider welfare and performance will be considered. 

Abstracts must be submitted by 30th June 2021.

Those authors whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to display their posters at the conference on Saturday 11th December 2021, at Nottingham University (De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre), NG7 2RJ.

The submission of an abstract implies the author’s willingness to be in attendance to answer questions from delegates during breaks in proceedings.

Details of our requirements for posters will be provided in due course to those authors whose abstracts are selected for display at the conference.

All abstracts for posters that are displayed at the conference will also be published on the SRT website. 

The author of each accepted abstract will be required to register and purchase a ticket for the conference within 2 weeks of being informed of their acceptance. Tickets will be reserved for 2 weeks following notification of an accepted abstract at the “Advanced” ticket price of £125.

All posters will be considered for the award of best research poster, which will be awarded at the Gala Awards Dinner on the evening following the conference. Authors are advised to book early for the Awards Dinner if they wish to attend as tickets will not be reserved.

Content and format

The abstract must be written in English and be no more than 300 words. Use single line spacing and Times New Roman 10 point font; do not indent paragraphs. Tables, graphs and figures cannot be included. References can be included but they should be limited to those that are essential. Do not include the title, author lists and institution details or declarations in your word count but do include any references. Use bracketed numbers [1], [1-3] etc. to cite references in the order that they appear throughout the body of the abstract. The reference list should be in Harvard Format as described at:

The abstract should be provided with the following headings:

  1. Background: The background behind the decision to choose the subject to study.
  2. Aim: A statement regarding the aim of the study
  3. Methods: Brief description of materials and methods, and methods of testing hypotheses.
  4. Results & Discussion: Brief highlights of the results obtained.
  5. Limitations: Key limitations of the study
  6. Conclusions: Conclusions drawn from results.

Do not begin a new line for each section of the abstract.

Single case reports are not acceptable.

Abstracts that describe data as pending are not acceptable.

Vague statements such as “the results will be presented” will not be acceptable.

You must put actual data in the abstract: do not submit the abstract expecting to get the data by the time you submit the poster.

Ethical Guidelines

All submissions must include transparent and complete declarations of:

  1. The ethical code adhered to.
  2. Competing/conflicts of interest.
  3. Sources of funding.
  4. That the work is wholly attributed to the authors listed.

This information should be included within a declarations section at the end of the abstract. Do not include it in the main body of your abstract or word count.

Submission process 

Submit all abstracts to with the words “Research Poster” in the subject line. Abstracts must be in Word (or compatible) format, using the template provided and be submitted as email attachments.

To facilitate blinded peer review, please submit 2 copies:

  1. Copy for peer review: Remove author names and addresses and delete all identifying details and where appropriate replace these with the words “details masked for peer review” in the main body of the abstract;
  2. Unblinded copy for production: This must include the authors’ names and addresses after the abstract title and the ethical declarations described above at the end of the abstract. Underline the name of the person who will be present at the Conference.

Peer review

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the SRT Honorary Advisory Committee. After an initial editorial screening phase, abstracts will be blind-reviewed by two individuals with expertise in the relevant topic. Both scientific quality and relevance will be considered. Poor use of English will be grounds for abstract rejection. There will be no opportunity for revision.

Prior presentations and publications

It is permissible to submit work that is similar or identical to abstracts that have been presented or posters that have been displayed at any other conferences after 1st January 2021, provided this is declared (including conference details) at the time of submission and does not infringe any copyright restrictions. Material presented prior to this date will not be considered. Abstracts describing work that has already been submitted for consideration for publication in any peer reviewed journal at the time of abstract submission are not eligible.


Queries relating to abstracts: email with the words “Research Poster” in the subject line.