Saddle Research Trust 3rd International Conference Report and Welfare and Performance Ambassador Award Winner

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Saddle Research Trust Ambassador Award Winner: William Micklem

William Micklem was delighted to be the first recipient of this prestigious award, presented at the inaugural SRT Gala Awards Dinner, which was held after the International Conference on 8th December 2018 at Nottingham University. He impressed the Trustees by his unswerving dedication to the welfare and performance of the ridden horse throughout his career as a trainer, rider and in product development. His kindness and compassion for the horse are apparent in his contributions to the Equitopia films produced last year, among them “Overcoming the 5 main areas of pain caused by the bridle’.

In his acceptance speech, he said, “ The wonderful truth about the SRT is that they are not concerned with exercises in semantics or marketing speak. What they are doing is substantial; it is research looking for real improvements in the way we work with horses. Everyone here today has a part to play in this challenge as we come together to seek carefully how we can do things better, which is groundbreaking. The exciting truth is that if we together seek carefully we can come up with answers, new ideas, better ways forward, new contacts and new partnerships. This is the immense value of the SRT, which facilitate this process.

The blind, quadriplegic athlete Mark Pollock said “We must not respect the gap between the realities and the possibilities.” We all know that focusing on realities by themselves without also focusing on the extraordinary possibilities will stop us aiming for new directions, higher levels, and fulfilling potential. Whereas doing the opposite, focusing on possibilities without facing up to the realities, are just pipe dreams.

I would suggest that to their great credit the SRT is also supremely enquiring, very demanding and as is shown by today’s conference and these wide-ranging awards, also exceptionally generous. This generosity of the SRT and all their associates and supporters means that you are just not standing by and criticising …. you are putting yourself in and making a difference.”