Recognition of Pain in the Ridden Horse – Dr Sue Dyson

We’re delighted to be able to share this keynote presentation, which was so enthusiastically received at the 3rd Saddle Research Trust international Conference.

The full presentation is now available to watch online here

Dr. Dyson’s presentation gives a detailed report of how an ethogram was developed to study the ridden horse. An ethogram is simply a catalogue of behaviours or activities exhibited by an animal. This new system is straightforward, easy to use and anyone can learn how to apply it to their everyday practice. By employing this evidence-based method, every horse owner or practitioner will be able to recognise when the horse is trying to tell us that something is not right.

This method has the potential to improve the welfare of every ridden horse by helping owners to recognise markers of pain behaviour. Early identification of musculoskeletal pain will help prevent low-grade problems escalating into chronic conditions and will ultimately reduce wastage amongst our riding horses.

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