Hot topic – The ethics around de-nerving

De-nerving article header

This week’s article is made available with kind permission from the Chronicle of the Horse

Following the case study of one sports horse who underwent surgery for neurectomy of the palmar digital nerve in the forelimbs and the deep branch of the lateral plantar nerve in the hind limbs, the article broaches differing opinions and perspectives of what would typically be considered an extreme intervention – and one which is not currently accepted by the FEI.

Although inherently divisive, it raises ethical questions of whether or not welfare and performance could be improved through more frequent use of de-nerving and whether the pro’s may outweigh the con’s. What is the future of de-nerving? Whatever your views on this controversial topic, good ethics are always at the heart of good scientific research and we think you’ll enjoy reading this balanced and thought-provoking piece. Read the article in full here.