Equinology: Principles of Saddle Fitting courses

A foundation course that provides students with theoretical principles of saddle fitting and their practical application. Participants will learn a comprehensive system for the evaluation of the three elements of the horse, saddle and rider interaction, both individually and collectively.

The course content will enhance the skills of the participants by teaching how to recognise saddle fitting issues, address common problems and when to refer to specialists. The format of the 4-day course guides the participants through the progressive assessment steps of horse, saddle and rider interaction with a blend of illustrated lectures that discuss the latest scientific research, live demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions with horses and riders.

Further 4-day courses, run by Equinology, will be held on the following dates with Saddle Research Trust Director, Dr Anne Bondi:


Aug 1 – 4, Essex, UK
Nov 4 – 7, California, USA
Nov 11 – 14, Canada


Feb 24 – 27, South Africa

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