Advice, Education & Knowledge Transfer

Advice, Education & Knowledge Transfer

Explore Elements of the latest research summarised for a more general audience 

Advice, Education and Knowledge transfer Library is under development

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Advice, Education and Knowledge Transfer  Library

This is a carefully curated library holding elements of the latest research which has been summarised for a more general audience including applied critical reviews to aid the industry, podcasts, invitations to webinars and newsletters to help share vital research regarding the widely underestimated complexities surrounding the horse - saddle - rider interaction and how this can impact upon equestrian welfare, performance and safety. 

Please explore the resources below.

To read the full published scientific research papers please head over to our Recent Research page.  Alternatively if you would like to keep up to date, get involved or sponsor our ongoing research projects please head over to our Current Research & Funding page

Bite sized 'How To' guides

View our collection of bite sized 'how to' guides aimed at providing up to date advice and knowledge to everyone from the Pony Club members, keen amateur and education providers. These 'How To' guides are developed of the most up to date research in a format that is accessible for all. 

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Topical commentaries 

Enter into topical commentaries on resent research within the field of ridden horse welfare to discover valuable insights from the fields greats. This more in-depth representation of the research is aimed at the interested layman, industry and anyone who wishes it broaden and strengthen their understanding of research in this area. 

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In Depth Discussions 

Here you can find in depth reviews and discussions on current research and its impact on industry and the field. These articles are aimed at those of you wanting to challenge your current knowledge and principles and be brought right up to date to current discoveries in performance horse welfare.  

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