2020 In Review

Although there were many challenges in 2020, there were some great opportunities and bright spots too.
Online education had a real boost with some excellent, informative webinars available. We will continue to promote these to ensure as many people as possible can take advantage of quality equine learning opportunities. Please send us details if you have an upcoming educational event that you would like to share.   Saddle fitters, equine healthcare workers and coaches are in huge demand once again with their importance to our equine athletes being highlighted by their enforced absence during the lockdown.    Competitive sport has resumed, albeit minus the spectators and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” has become the motto of every event organiser! We wish everyone a successful 2021 with their equine partners.
Picks of the Year
2020 brought new and exciting research which will directly benefit the welfare and performance of the ridden horse. The SRT is working to ensure that the latest results are made easily available to everyone, which is a key aim of the charity.   To access our picks of 2020 research,click the links below: