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We are a UK registered charity whose mission is to advance equestrian welfare, performance and safety  and disseminate this information for everyone.  

SRT2021 News Flash! We're Going Virtual!

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The Saddle Research Trust promotes and facilitates collaborative scientific research into the interaction between horses, saddlery and riders with world leading experts including those from academic, charitable and industry partnerships.

We disseminate this evidence-based knowledge through conferences, open-access web resources and training opportunities to advance equine welfare, performance and safety. 

World leading researchers set to discuss the future of the ridden horse at Saddle Research Trust Conference

Early bird tickets are now on sale for the Saddle Research Trust’s 4th International Conference. To be held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021, the event will bring together renowned researchers and vets from around the globe to discuss ‘Welfare and Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future’. The conference will explore how science is increasingly important in providing an evidence-base for best practice in ridden horse management. Using the...

The Rider Weight Study Part 3: The influence of rider size on changes in equine back dimensions, muscle tension and pain.

Following on from the summaries for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Rider Weight Study, Part 3 focuses on the changes seen in back dimensions, muscle tension and muscle pain after being ridden by riders of different sizes during the study. Potential factors for the changes were determined to include: the rider to horse bodyweight ratio; alteration of back posture or movement as a result of overall increased force;...

How recognition of ridden horse pain behaviour has proved its usefulness in the advancement of equine welfare and performance

Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram Part 2: Application of the Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram in the field The series of seven developmental studies produced a Ridden Horse Pain Ethogram (RHpE) that provided a useful tool for determining the presence of musculoskeletal pain in ridden horses performing poorly. The next step was to determine if it could enhance diagnostic skills by actually using it in the field. A further five studies applied...




4TH International Research Conference

Welfare and Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future

How science is increasingly important in giving us an evidence base for best practice in ridden horse management.

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming conference, which will present the latest ground-breaking research. The SRT 4th International Conference ‘Welfare & Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future’, will be held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our world renowned speakers and session chairs who will be presenting the most up-to-date research in the field, leading fantastic discussions and allowing you to experience the advances in welfare and performance of the ridden horse. We will also be introducing our sponsors, without whose continued support this event could not take place. The defining feature of our conferences is the high quality of all the presentations, and this year is no exception. We will introduce our keynote speakers for each session imminently, with our remaining exciting speakers to be announced over the coming months.







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Is to advance equestrian welfare, performance and safety.

We do this by; developing innovative, industry-linked collaborative research, working alongside specialist veterinary clinicians and world- class research scientists and disseminating research findings.  














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Elements of the latest research summarised for a more general audience including applied critical reviews to aid the industry, podcasts, invitations to webinars and newsletters to help share vital research. 

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A window into our ongoing research, forthcoming collaborative opportunities and upcoming student projects. 

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