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We are a UK registered charity whose mission is to advance equestrian welfare, performance and safety  and disseminate this information for everyone.  


The Saddle Research Trust promotes and facilitates collaborative scientific research into the interaction between horses, saddlery and riders with world leading experts including those from academic, charitable and industry partnerships.

We disseminate this evidence-based knowledge through conferences, open-access web resources and training opportunities to advance equine welfare, performance and safety. 

Saddle Research Trust Conference spreads equine welfare and performance knowledge worldwide

A worldwide audience logged on to listen to leading equine specialist veterinary clinicians, research scientists and practitioners last week. The world class presenters shared their equine knowledge and disseminated the findings from recent evidence-based studies at the Saddle Research Trust's 4th International Conference entitled Welfare and Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future. “With this year’s full day conference, we proudly embraced change to present a high quality and accessible...

What’s in it for the horse to be discussed at Saddle Research Trust Conference

World renowned researchers will discuss the important issue of The Horse as a Stakeholder at the Saddle Research Trust’s 4th International Conference, to be held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021. For those who can’t make it to the livestream on Saturday the event will be available via playback from 14th December. In this third session of the day leading UK vet Dr Rachel Murray along with Dr Sue Dyson...

Host of hot topics on the agenda at Saddle Research Trust Conference

Hot topics such as riders’ self-perception of body image and road-associated risks for riders will be raised at the Saddle Research Trust’s 4th International Conference, to be held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021. The hot topics will bring to the fore some of the latest news and views within the equestrian industry, with the Olympic standard dressage rider Richard Davison wrapping up the presentations with his own reflections at...



4TH International Research Conference

Welfare and Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future

How science is increasingly important in giving us an evidence base for best practice in ridden horse management.

We are delighted to announce our recent conference, which presented the latest ground-breaking research. The SRT 4th International Conference ‘Welfare & Performance of the Ridden Horse: The Future', was held virtually on Saturday 11th December 2021.

The conference hosted world renowned speakers and session chairs who presented the most up-to-date research in the field, leading fantastic discussions and allowing you to experience the advances in welfare and performance of the ridden horse. We would like to thank our sponsors, without whose continued support this event could not take place. The defining feature of our conferences is the high quality of all the presentations, and this year was no exception. Please visit our 'Meet the Speakers' page to view our keynote speakers and speakers for each session. With this years' move to a virtual format it exciting to note that the viewing figures online for the previous conference in 2018 reached 52 countries worldwide, proving that there is a huge demand for scientific research, especially when it is presented in a way which is easily accessible and understandable for all. The livestreaming of the 2021 conference was extended to be fully interactive and to enable the vibrant atmosphere and networking opportunities for all. The Catch-Up is available to ticket holders until Monday 17th January 2021 with a session by session review releases available form late January 2021. 

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Is to advance equestrian welfare, performance and safety.

We do this by; developing innovative, industry-linked collaborative research, working alongside specialist veterinary clinicians and world- class research scientists and disseminating research findings.  














Research Library

A library of the latest research on the interaction between horses, saddlery and riders. 

Elements of the latest research summarised for a more general audience including applied critical reviews to aid the industry, podcasts, invitations to webinars and newsletters to help share vital research.

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Current Research and Funding 

A window into our ongoing research, forthcoming collaborative opportunities and upcoming student projects. 

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