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The Saddle Research Trust

We are a UK registered charity whose mission is to advance equestrian welfare, performance and safety  and disseminate this information for everyone.

What We Do

The Saddle Research Trust promotes and facilitates collaborative scientific research into the interaction between horses, saddlery and riders with world leading experts including those from academic, charitable and industry partnerships.

We disseminate this evidence-based knowledge through conferences, open-access web resources and training opportunities to advance equine welfare, performance and safety. 

Meet The Teams

Veterinary & Scientific Team

Communications Team

Our Mission

Is to advance equestrian welfare, performance and safety.

We do this by; developing innovative, industry-linked collaborative research, working alongside specialist veterinary clinicians and world- class research scientists and disseminating research findings.  

Research Library

A library of the latest research on the interaction between horses, saddlery and riders. 

Elements of the latest research summarised for a more general audience including applied critical reviews to aid the industry, podcasts, invitations to webinars and newsletters to help share vital research.

Current Research and Funding

A window into our ongoing research, forthcoming collaborative opportunities and upcoming student projects. 

Get Involved!

Find out how you can become involved with the Saddle Research Trust

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