Shuttleworth College Study Day 12/11/2010

The most recent SRT study day took place on the 12th Novemeber at Shuttleworth College, Bedfordshire. We had 6 horse and rider combinations in total, ranging from leisure horses to advanced Dressage schoolmasters. We once again were fortunate to have the suport of several research associates, including:

  • Pegasus limb-phasing system
  • Tekscan pressure mapping system
  • Reincheck rein stress gauge
  • Biomechanical analysis

We hope that the results gained from the study will be useful in not only informing the owner/riders of current performance, but also in supporting the findings from our previous studies and starting to build a picture of common problems and trends. We aim to distribute these results to the participants in 2011.


Thank you to all of those who were involved in the day!

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